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Clackamas, OR  97015

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Phone: (503) 358-3434

Email: Brett@HVHikers.com

Health and Friendship

H a p p y   V a l l e y   H i k e r s 

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Welcome to Happy Valley. 

HV Hikers are a casual group of  residents  who enjoy our wonderful neighborhood and are looking to not only get a little exercise, but to periodically meet some new folks.

Groups walk frequently in the area bordered by Sunnyside (on the south), Valley View Terrace (on the west), Clatsop (on the north) and 172nd (on the east).

This is a varied group, and since all are welcome to show up without RSVP, we see new faces all the time.

Hello Spring! Come on out and enjoy some quickly improving weather in the valley.

Send an e-mail to the address below to receive periodic updates and hiking schedules.